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Boiler Installation

Many homeowners have come to realise that they could have avoided many of the boiler repair costs over the years if they’d only invested in the right boiler installation Bristol service. Installing a boiler isn’t rocket science but it requires more expertise than most people realise. Because people don’t appreciate the need to have their boilers installed by professionals, many people have inefficiently running systems or systems that are constantly in need of repairs. The end results is a lot of money wasted and a boiler that is only capable of serving you for half its maximum lifetime.

Eco Efficient is however on a campaign to counter the effects of the poor work that is done by unprofessional service providers. We offer our professional installation services at rates that are very pocket friendly for many Bristol residents and many are now starting to see that it’s not necessary to pay an arm and a leg to get a worthwhile service in this area. A number of ways that the service we offer is better than much of what you’d get elsewhere include:

  • Consultation on boiler selection: Many people are not well informed with regard to the heating/hot water needs of their buildings. This isn’t difficult to understand because this is a particularly technical part of the job. However, it’s important to have an idea of the heating requirements of your building before rushing to buy a boiler that you thought looked good in the commercial. Eco Efficient can help you to assess your needs and choose a boiler that is actually right for you.
  • Assessment of installation location: Just because boilers have always been installed in the basement doesn’t mean anywhere in the basement will do. There are specific locations in the basement that will be much better suited for your boiler and will allow easy access for piping or ducts for your heating system. The wall onto which the boiler is being installed must also have the required structural integrity or your boiler could become unstable after some time.
  • Assessing previous equipment: One of the questions you may have to battle with when replacing your boiler is whether or not you need to replace the boiler only or whether the whole system needs to go. Replacing your boiler is the best time to reassess everything in the system. The efficiency and performance of your boiler can be hampered by issues in the old system such as corrosion and scale deposits.

Homeowners that have made use of our boiler installation Bristol service now understand that there is much more that goes into a proper installation process. Many of them also understand that every additional time and money spent on getting the job done the right way is worth it. Give us a call if you’re planning to replace your boiler soon.

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