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Boiler repairs Bristol services are not just about picking up the phone and calling your local ‘boiler expert’. Repairing your boiler the right way is a process that starts with choosing to work with the right people. In Bristol, it doesn’t get more right than Eco Efficient. It’s not unusual for homeowners in this area to have the same problem fixed more than once. In fact, quite a number of the repairs that we carry out are usually to fix the mistakes done by previous service providers or because the said service providers fixed the symptoms of the problem and not the actuation problem.

Even with regular servicing, there is no guarantee that your boiler will not need repairs sooner or later. Boilers are machines that operate under extreme conditions. The pressure and temperature of the steam inside a boiler when it’s on is unbelievably high. During the cold months of the year, such a machine may be turned on for 24 hours every day. Under such conditions, it doesn’t take much for something to go wrong. This problem gets worse as your boiler piles on the years. As time passes, the effect of creep and fatigue on the materials that make up the boiler become more obvious. The corrosion resistance of the metal is also likely to have gone down. In such instances, it’s possible for a problem to start and mature in between your servicing cycles.

However, the occurrence of issues with your boiler is only one part of the problem. Many service providers can make certain mistakes when repairing a damaged boiler. Some of these issues include:

  • Fixing the problem symptoms: Boiler systems can have complex problems showing up in simple ways. A leak may seem like its being caused by a loose fitting. However, it’s important to also understand why the fitting became loose.
  • Using substandard spare parts: The quality of parts used makes a world of difference. Even if a spare part looks exactly like the original, there are many hidden issues that may be there that would make the part highly unsuitable for the job.
  • Poor workmanship: A poor workman with all the right tools will still not be able to get the right results. This is a simple fact in the service industry and it doesn’t change in this situation.

With the possibility of mistakes such as those pointed out above, it’s important for you as a homeowner to choose a company with results that can be guaranteed. Although taking a chance on some budget service may seem like an opportunity to save some cash, it could be more expensive in the long run. It’s a mistake that may even have deadly consequences. Eco Efficient provides an affordable service that ensures you get your money’s worth. If you need help with any repairs, talk to us.

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