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Boiler servicing Bristol residents make use of have to be able to guarantee that a small problem will not have the chance to become worse. Incidents of boilers exploding simply due to lack of servicing were not uncommon back in the day. Nowadays, people take this particular aspect of boiler ownership more seriously. However, there is still need to ensure that such services are provided by the most competent persons around. For boilers, servicing is much like a medical check-up for people. In case the doctor or the engineer carrying out the maintenance misses something, the results could be fatal.

What makes boiler servicing important?

Boilers are mechanical equipment and they have a number of moving parts inside such as valves which have to open and close at various times. The combustion of the gases inside the boiler at a high temperature also creates a lot of vibrations. In a poorly installed boiler, the vibrations may be obvious but even when the vibrations aren’t noticeable, they are still taking place. Lastly, there is also a great degree of heat inside a boiler when it’s turned on. Looking closely at these three factors, you can understand why servicing is such a crucial thing.

  • Moving parts: The moving parts in the boiler, just as with other mechanical machines, mean that you have metal parts rubbing against other metal parts in the boiler. This causes wear and tear and after a while, a valve that was air-tight when closed may start to let out some steam or gas.
  • Vibrations: When any machine vibrates, fasteners such as screws, nuts and bolts start to become loose. The more certain fasteners become loose the greater the amount of vibration. With enough lose parts inside, your boiler can easily shake itself to pieces or shake to the point where cracks appear in the body.
  • High temperatures: Although the body of the boiler is built to handle the immediate high temperatures, heat can also have a much slower effect on the boiler. The metallic parts of the boiler will be subjected to creep over time. Creep slowly shifts metal from one part to another. Given enough time, creep can cause the walls of your boiler to become weak.

Because of these three issues and others, servicing boilers on a regular basis becomes important because it ensures that wear and tear of moving parts can be monitored and worn out parts replaced. If vibrations have loosened anything inside the boiler, these can be tightened before it becomes a serious problem. Servicing also allows creep and corrosion to be monitored so you can know when your boiler has lost structural integrity. At Eco Efficient, our servicing is thorough and we ensure that we miss nothing. Our prices for this service are quite affordable and you can book yours today.

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