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Central Heating Installation

Problems caused by substandard central heating installation Bristol services can plague a system for years resulting in thousands of pounds in repairs and much more in high energy bills due to inefficiency. More people are becoming aware of the impact a professional installation service can have on their central heating system and their finances. Many of these people are turning to Eco Efficient, relying on our superior skills and experience in this industry to ensure that the job is done right. You shouldn’t allow yourself to be left behind, not when there is so much at stake.

Mistakes made during installation

There are certain mistakes that amateurs have been known to make when installing central heating systems. These seemingly small mistakes have the potential to cost you a lot of money later. A few of these mistakes include:

  • Improper security of wires: Just because a person knows where the wires go, doesn’t mean they’ve done enough. In systems such as boilers, it’s important that wires used in the system are properly secured to prevent them from being damaged by the heat in the area.
  • Reusing parts of the old system: You may think that your installer is helping you to lower your costs but reusing parts of the old system isn’t always the best idea. A system that was used for a long time or in a particular environment may have issues such as build-up of scale and corrosion. When such systems are reused, the new system may suffer from inefficiency right from the beginning.
  • Wrong Placement of radiators: Have you ever been in a room with areas that are much colder than the rest of the room? Sometimes, this is due to poor positioning of the radiator, a mistake that an expert will easily avoid.

Why our service is Superior

Our central heating installation Bristol service tries to avoid the common mistakes made by regular installers and we also try to create a system that is more efficient and practical. When we carry out central heating installation, some of the things we do include:

  • Assessing the best location for radiators: Proper radiator positioning will make it easier to stay warm in any part of the room.
  • Assessing the old system: At Eco Efficient, we don’t just plug in your new boiler and hope that the old radiators are still up to the task. We assess the various parts to know whether the entire system requires an overhaul.
  • Disposing of old parts: If there are parts of your old system that need to be removed, we’ll ensure they’re properly disposed of.

Thanks to our work, we have assisted many Bristol residents to have homes that are more comfortable. The results of our installation work last for years and you should definitely get in touch with us if you need a professional service.

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