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Gas and Boiler Leaks

Who do you turn to when you need gas and boiler leaks Bristol services and what makes you so sure that they are the right people for the job? These are the questions you should be asking yourself whenever you need these urgent services because having the issue correct by the right people could be the difference between a job well done and something less pleasant such as destruction of your property or injury. These two problems are on the extreme end of issues that people with boilers in their homes may have to deal with. Problems like gas leaks don’t occur frequently but you must always be ready if the day ever comes.

Gas leaks and boiler leaks are not the same thing for starters. A gas leak refers to a leakage of the gas that is used to fuel your boiler. In the UK, the gas used in many domestic boilers is either LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) or Natural Gas. Regardless of the gas used, both are highly flammable and capable of causing an explosion in case they come into contact with a flame or spark during a leak. Boiler leaks, on the other hand, refers to the leaking of hot water from the boiler or pipes running from the boiler to other parts of the house such as bathrooms. A small amount of leakage such as from the pressure release valve is not unusual. However, hot water leaking from parts such as pipes or the body of the boiler can be a serious problem.

Any Gas related issue has to be handled by a person who is registered with the UK industry regulator i.e. Gas Safe. Gas Safe ensures that people who take on any job involving explosive gases have the training needed to take care of such issues safely. This is important because a person without the right training may know enough not to smoke in a room filled with gas but may fail to realise that even the sparks from static electricity or when flicking a switch is enough to ignite the gas. As the homeowner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the person working on your system is registered. After all, you always have the most to lose.

Boiler leaks aren’t always a problem but it’s important that you monitor the leak to know whether your boiler is leaking more than an unusual amount of water. A high amount of leakage could mean that your pressure settings are wrong and this can be a serious problem. A leak from the body of the boiler could also be a warning that your boiler is no longer safe to use since it could explode under high pressure. For the safety of your home, you should always talk to Eco Efficient when you have any gas and boiler leaks.

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